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K.O.I Kanpai Family

About K.O.I Kanpai

In 2020, we moved to Breda, The Netherlands with our 3 children from South East Asia to start a new chapter of our life. During the first few months in South Holland, just like other Japan fans, we had a hard time to source Japanese food and related products in the region. Therefore we made a significant step and opened K.O.I Kanpai, a Japanese Deli & Lifestlye shop the following year at the Halstraat in Breda.

At K.O.I Kanpai, together with our strong customer services experiences and high standard of quality products and food requirement, we would like to share our passion and dedication for Japanese cuisine and products in a modern yet authentic style. We import Japanese pottery from renowned makers in Japan, we have essential groceries, books, stationary, bento products, snacks, drinks and more. Besides our retail we also have a wide variety of freshly made Japanese dishes available for you to enjoy at our shop, takeaway or delivered to your door step.

Regardless if Japan is something totally new for you or you are well travelled, our shop is open for you to enjoy the taste of Japan and browse through the exclusive products our store has to offer.

Sammi & Rien

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