About K.O.I Kanpai

K.O.I (Koi) fish has the meaning of good fortune, also symbolized abundance and perseverance. Besides, Koi is a homophone for another word that means "affection" or "love". As such, koi is symbol of love and friendship in Japan. 

Kanpai is the Japanese word for "Cheers!" in a drinking toast. Kan means "Empty" and Pai is "glass/cup" in Japanese. Hence the meaning of Kanpai is literally "Empty the glass/cup" - bottoms up! We do Kanpai "Cheers" in all different occasions and gatherings but can't do it without any relationship or love.
Same as the Japanese healthy home cook food, it taste even better when we share with others.

We are focus on Japanese pantry essentials, together with freshly prepared home cook bentos and desserts as well as Japanese drinks and snacks.

In addition to Japanese food and food related products, we carry various of high quality Japanese tableware, lifestyle products which we imported from Japan exclusively. We have Japanese related books in English and Dutch. Recently, we brought Japanese Washi wrapping paper and gift wrapping accessories from Japan Washi paper manufacturer. Washi wrapping paper and accessories are just perfect match of our unique imported Japanese products for your gift ideas.

K.O.I Kanpai is a one-stop Japanese concept shop that you can enjoy Japanese food, cultures and lifestyle without taking a plane to Japan.